As one might expect based on Karla Fox’s atypical designs, she did not become a jewelry

designer for the obvious reasons... or any reason as far as she is concerned.

Karla began her professional career as a private investigator and spent her free time

piloting small airplanes. She then worked as an aviation accident investigator at a

renowned Century City law firm- all stepping stones to an enlightened artistic career

path, right? Karla’s interest in jewelry was really inspired by her daughters and an

uncontrollable passion for unique and even kitsch art like cocktail shakers, vintage

lighters and even hand-painted hermit crabs.

It was only when she started to design wild and outrageous pieces of jewelry for her

teenage daughters that she surprised herself with a knack for combining her love of odd,

peculiar objects with fine jewelry. Within weeks of her daughters flaunting their new

bejeweled creations, school parents were desperately seeking Karla. On one memorable

occasion, Governor Schwarzenegger even deployed staff members to locate the artist

whose then-unlisted number made it especially difficult to track her down in order to

purchase the jewelry his daughters craved. Selling pieces of jewelry to the likes of Arnold

or Jack Nicholson simply wasn't her intention.  

The ensuing Karla Fox Jewelry craze became an epidemic of sorts, and today, her designs

are coveted pieces of art not readily found in any store or gallery. Inspired by everyday

American objects, Karla brings to life iconic pieces that display a clever, flirtatious, and detailed

approach to fine jewelry that is undeniably her own.